Nice Day for a Scooter Ride

I always wanted a Vespa. Maybe because it is my fantasy to live in Italy and make daily trips to the local marketplace to purchase fresh bread and pasta. In 2007, I got a little closer to my goal - I bought a little Honda Metro. I realize Lowell isn’t Italy, but I can still drive my scooter past beautiful canals and pick up fresh pasta at Mill No. 5, so I enjoy riding as often as possible.

On a Friday night in July 2018, I took my scooter to see Middlesex Community College’s Children’s Summer Theatre production of “Peter Pan”. My husband has been a member of MCC’s theatre staff for a number of years, and it is always fun to see their children’s productions. They were performing at Merrimack Repertory Theatre, a short ride from my home, so I wasn’t worried about driving home in the dark.

The production was fun, well-done, and around two hours long. I kissed my husband goodbye, walked outside, and my heart sank. In my excitement to take the scooter, I made a classic rookie mistake - I forgot to check the weather!

The clouds were formed and a storm was in the air. I had just enough time to snap a selfie, hop on my bike, and hope to get home before the the downpour. I wasn’t lucky enough to miss the rain, but I was inside before the lighting started.

Laura FryeComment