Finding a Home by Ryann Corbett

I travel for work, so every 2-6 months I am packing up my life and moving onto another company, which often means moving to another state. So for a few years now, I called myself the modern-day gypsy where everything I need to survive needs to be able to fit in my car and if it doesn’t fit, it gets left behind, which means I don’t own more than one bowl, I don’t have any sort of real art to hang on the walls; I basically have the bare minimum to get away with. So when I moved here to work for Merrimack Repertory Theater last fall, there was no expectation that I would stay longer than a year. I thought I was going to be here for a short time and then pack up and leave again.

Also, I had never been to New England before either before I got here. My goal is to see all 50 states and by coming to Massachusetts, I was all excited to get the 6 surrounding states since they are so close together. I accepted the job fairly blind. I had had a friend work here a few years back but that was all I really knew so I was hoping for the best when I arrived. Within a month, I felt there was something special here and was surrounded by great people at work. After a few short months, I built a life of not just coworkers but friends, people who love having me around and wanted to be in my support corner; people to grab a cup of coffee with on a day off, people to go to Boston for the day with and explore the national parks, or even just to have over and play board games with. By the end of last year, my boss had asked if I wanted to stay longer at the company and I wholehearted loved this company so I told her that I would like to stay another year.

So after hopping around from state to state for a few years and having a company that wanted to have me stay longer, it was really nice to settle in, to be able to make my apartment more homey, to start decorating for holidays, etc. It is crazy to think about that a year and a half ago I was still struggling to make a life for myself here but now am surrounded by friends that feel like family and in a town that feels like home.

Laura Frye